Sunset Dreamers


Walking up the Sunset strip I stopped in Book Soup and picked up a book I’d been looking for “Laurel Canyon The Inside Story of Rock and Roll’s Legendary Neighborhood” It just seemed so appropriate considering the neighborhood.  I walked up the street, found a place to sit across from the Chateau Marmont just down the street from Laurel Canyon Blvd., up the street from the Rainbow Room, bought a cup of regular black coffee (pleasure to be found in simplicity) and started to read.  Reading back in time to high school days, simpler times before legends died and reality set in.  The contrast to what we thought was and what is, has, over time, become starkly apparent, realizing that survival, overcoming the odds, makes us all winners.  We could all be that homeless person on the street howling in pain, lost, but we aren’t, at least not yet, and I began to write:

Photography by A.M.Mitchell
Picture Element Credits:
Orion Nebula