A traveling haven for artists and writers, musicians and entertainers, members of Court in exile and humble travelers, human and alien alike, whose coin is wit and art and song, not always brilliant or even entirely comprehensible, but fresh, at least in the beginning.

A. M. Mitchell, Author, Digital Artist and Proprietor

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Sidereal Stutter Illusive shadows chased, material existence laced with intervals both long and short, that quantify, direct, distort, from frame to frame and on again, how to explain, it does remain with parallel perception, follow lineal direction, for celestial duration, the nature of reality, causality’s fine filigree, thy beating heart a metronome, a pendulum swinging back toward home with stuttering jerks, sequential scenes indefinite the ways and means of strobing forward flickering, through global repositioning, counting down forever time, without reason, without rhyme, if only we could find out how, and what makes up the longest now, 10,000 years, past sun and moon, celestial spheres, all ending soon, the nature of the paradox, a thousand, thousand ticking clocks, for finite hope escape the box, of temporal illusion on universal scales. by A. M. Mitchell ©
Compilation by A.M. Mitchell
Picture Element Credits:
PSR B1509-58 Neutron Star
NASA/CXC/SAO: X-ray; NASA/JPL-Caltech: Infrared

Between beginning and end, action and reaction, one chapter and the next, there is foreshadowing.



Theillian Blus

“This be the tell of the beginning, of Jassi Blu Sandia RRall of Theill, Child of the Chosen, Singer of the Death Song, Granddaughter of the Grand Duke and the InGathering of her crew, Star Commander Rovan Ames, Dr. Grimes, Collins, Toki, Sasha and their ship ‘Rose Shani’ with earthbound words and earthbound rhythms, earthbound thoughts and earthbound dreams, I, Siman De La Sandro y De La Court, son of House Rijilan, charter member of the Grand Duke’s Retinue, share with you her story.

Voltaire’s Wine

“These be the voyages, of the Grandchildren of the Grand Duke. Jassi Blu Sandia brought up on Theill, her crew and ship, the ‘Rose Shani’.  Her cousins Apollonia, proprietor of KikiDi’s, Thealonious, strong, searching and somewhat strange, Hieronymus, serious, ponderous, a sculptor of light, and Domitian, expert linguist, historian, and spoiled sybarite and their ship ‘Tolevair Churez’. I tell of their journey, with star bound words and cosmic rhythms, space bound thoughts and heavenly dreams.”

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Main Background Image Milky Way Center – Hubble – Image Credits: NASA, ESA, and T. Brown (STScI); Science: NASA, ESA, W. Clarkson (University of Michigan-Dearborn), and A. Calamida and K. Sahu (STScI)