Guardians Magical, Mystical & Scientific


Sometimes it seems the more things are explained the more we yearn for Magic in our lives. Happily, for every question answered a multitude arise to take their place. Today’s magic, tomorrow’s science, unending questions…

Guardians Magical, Mystical & Scientific

Guardians and Wishes
softly blow through
Magical and Mystical
Legend enhanced by repetition
sought in dire times as
Hope diminishes chiseled away
Natural law prevails while Tera fades.
Collective memory yearns
for Mythical times lost
but not forgotten
parameters confined 
by each explanation
leaving open ended questions 
new horizons continually
recede on paths well trodden.
Yesterday’s dreams
Today’s reality
Tomorrow’s Discoveries…

by A. M. Mitchell ©

Picture Element Credits:
Abell 370 – Hundreds of Galaxies tied together by gravity
CREDITS:NASA, ESA, and J. Lotz and the HFF Team (STScI)

Lia Fail
Photographer: John J Duncan