The Song of the Klee*


Home and Holidays compete with yearnings, also providing much needed anchorage and direction even if it is away. Trails exist from starting point to present mapping lives and longings indelibly on each point touched.

The Song of the Klee The Song of the Klee may be heard, in the deeps of space, in the dark quiet between stars and docking places. A haunting melody invoking yearning, for home wherever it may be, expressing an even stronger pull outward. Quietly empty spaces interspersed with quick arpeggios, flights of fancy and glorious cascades of sound underscored by gripping bass notes of planetary solidity, singing the acoustic oscillations of galaxies as yet unexplored. by A. M. Mitchell ©

Picture Composite by A. M. Mitchell
Picture Element Credits:
Cosmic Web by Kim Albrecht
Dr. Albert-Laslo Barabasi
Detail from “Buy from us with a Golden Curl” by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

*The Klee

Famed galaxy wide for their tech, engineering and navigation skills, the Klee are a shy race who can see the cosmic web. They tend to stay hidden or in the background. Short and furry, they love music and sing the acoustic oscillations of the stars.  If they chose to live on your ship it’s considered lucky, they have superb reflexes and seem to have precognition of danger, almost as if they can see what is immediately to come.  Legendary on the intergalactic racing circuit, they are said to be able to get more out of an engine than 100 regular engineers combined.  (by A. M. Mitchell ©)

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