Breaking Through

Breaking Through Creative joy inspired by a luminous display scattered stars admired, bringing on a brand new day an iridescent shiver, who’s fixed measure can be seen reflective surfaces face forward, light bouncing in between quantum cascades of stars and dust with focused high finesse, we must pierce though the morphing mist we’re thrust with ever changing levels of trust light angles change perception refining the transition with Solful orientation and unpredictable precision their intricate immortal song united in creation longs for eternal innocence and grace that’s gone growing into wisdom’s change, control tempering both thought and soul spreading honest signals through searching skies we seek a clue inquiring as to what to do while a ghost fringe cameo remains reminding of all struggle and strain we seek in hope that we will gain some small fragment of comprehension. by A. M. Mitchell ©
Compilation by A.M. Mitchell
Picture Element Credits:
Edward Burne Jones
Barnard 3

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