Into the Green

Into the Green Contemplating simpler days in search of perfect breaking waves alternating sets compete, boundaries laid that never meet crazy intense, and powerful soul reaching dreams with outward pull past shallow thoughts and crowded shores seeking pristine worlds and more epic journey does commence so psyched to soar beyond each fence buoyant fluid force displaced with pressure change our speed increased to set the tone slide down the drop close out the wave, ride out on top carving out a face turn glide, safety found as power rides off the step through barrel slides, riding sculpted ridges wide, though arcs and filaments abide, change the angle of attack lift attained no turning back finding equilibrium at last move forward, onward, outward cast fluid boundary layers last only for those who cling to past as solitary mavericks ride into the green no more to hide. by A. M. Mitchell ©
Compilation by A.M. Mitchell
Picture Element Credits:      
N159 – The Large Magellanic Cloud
M. Heydari-Malayeri (Paris Observatory) and NASA/ESA
The Mechanics of Surfing

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