Recursive Zoom


You’d think we’d get it right as so much of history repeats itself, but no matter how hard we try human nature hasn’t evolved all that much. It’s deja vous all over again. When focused inward perspective is lost.

What is changing is the scope and focus of the lens. When focused outward, in one united network, a much fuller picture can be seen. Working together worldwide, change is not only possible, but inevitable.

Very Long Baseline Interferometry (Definition) – When multiple, separate radiotelescope arrays work together in a network they become one network, one telescope, that is as large as the distance between them, i.e. worldwide. Together, all contributing, they can produce a picture of the universe vastly more detailed, more complete than any one array can ever do by itself.


Hidden watcher,
detached observer
voyeuristic pan
view to view
multiplied expanded zoom
focus in reality out. 

by A. M. Mitchell ©
Compilation by A.M.Mitchell
Picture Elements Public Domain