Tolevair Churez (Voltaire’s Wine)

Tolevair Churez (Voltaire’s Wine)

A rollercoaster trip of a ride 
both earthy and spacey 
from Voltaire to Ken Kasey, 
grounded realities unbounded
on pataphysics theory founded, 
when free flying speculation, 
uses quantum manipulation 
describing human tribulation
through the subjectively 
nature of temporal perception 
as postulated by 
Einsteinian essays 
based on Euclidian logic, 
creating universal truths
derived solely 
from DaDa perceptions 
of alternate realities.
A wholehearted rebellion 
against the tyranny of reason
admittedly sardonic, 
occasionally Homeric, 
possibly sarcastic 
humorously ironic 
a point of view squarely 
set some time 
in this future’s past
all in the name of fun.  

by A. M. Mitchell ©

Composite by A. M. Mitchell
Picture Element Credits:
The Wing of the Small Magellanic Cloud
NASA, ESA, CXC and the University of Potsdam, JPL-Caltech, and STScI

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