Collaborative Collection


Infinite variations on the human form evolve from basics common to all from time immemorial. When it really comes down to it we are not so different…

Collaborative Collection Gleaming instruments shine pristine splendor, hard edged, flat metallic right angles curved. Practical beauty, machined perfection finely honed purpose matched. Glass faceted dispensary herbal description, contraindication cross contributions expressing multiple attributes catalogued, compiled, collated treasured Collection collaborative expertise reciprocally synergistic. Multiple beginnings common conclusions harmony found in goals united. by A. M. Mitchell ©
Compilation by A. M. Mitchell
Picture Element Credits:
Serpens Nebula – Hubble
Caduceus – Title Page Detail
Marco Aurelio Severino. Viper Pythia. (Patavil: Typis Pauli Frambotti, 1651)
Courtesy of the National Library of Medicine