Tribute to Ages Past


Past seen more clearly than present, never stop striving toward future goals. Dreams are always worth pursuing.

Tribute to Ages Past Golden Colossus spanning worlds silent sentry bearing witness lasting tribute to ages past solitary reminder living history locked within. Exploring light speed limits space time epics cosmological constants hypothetical curvature of universal spin perceived from look back times on scales unbounded by current event horizons as seen without. Existence that is not. by A. M. Mitchell ©
Compilation by A. M. Mitchell
Picture Element Credits:
Pillars of Creation – Hubble
NASA, ESA and the Hubble Image Team (STScl/AURA)
Nike of Samothrace
Source Photographer: Marie-Lan Nguyen/Wikimedia Commons

The Pillars of Creation (birth place of stars), five light years tall, 6,500 light years away, took that long for the light that forms it to reach us. No way currently to see what it looks like NOW. Nike of Samothrace, 8 feet (244cm) tall, created c.190 bc, still around after 2,209 years a youngster in comparison, much changed since her creation. What she looked like THEN, impossible to say. After all time passed both still awesomely inspirational.